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Helping your Neighbourhood Plan its Future

Neighbourhood Planning

The neighbourhood planning process

Although the process for preparing a neighbourhood plan is meant to be straightforward, we know that relying on local volunteers who may be enthusiastic but have no previous experience is asking a lot.  There are certain pitfalls that can make the project stall or create problems at a later stage - and we can help you avoid these.  We can offer bespoke support covering any or all of the following

awareness raising and consultation planning

consultation events - training and facilitation

consultation response analysis

fact finding for the evidence base, including housine needs

assessments and site assessments


policy advice, plan drafting and conformity checks

project planning

submission preparation and checks

sustainability checks (including SEA screening, scoping and report)


Depending on your group, you may find you need support in one or more areas.   

Dorset’s first Neighbourhood Plan

Cerne Valley Neighbourhood Plan

Cerne Valley Parish Council volunteered to be a ‘front runner’ in 2011, and their plan was formally ‘made’ by West Dorset District Council on 8 January 2015 - the first finished neighbourhood plan in Dorset. The chairman of the parish council, Ian Humpheys, wrote:   Jo, firstly on a personal note my sincere thanks to you for everything you have done to support me and the team as we have plotted our way through this most difficult journey called establishing a Neighbourhood Plan. It has been challenging and at times downright frustrating, but hopefully worthwhile in the longer term. One thing is for certain we would have not achieved what we have without you at our shoulder encouraging us, offering sound advice and helping us see the wood from the trees.
++ NEWS FLASH ++ Upper Marshwood Vale NP 69% ‘yes’ referendum result

Who we have and are helping...

We have worked with more than 30 neighbourhood plans in Dorset and also South Somerset.  The plans below are just a sample of what can be achieved: Buckland Newton  Fontmell Magna  Hazelbury Bryan Milborne St Andrew Piddle Valley   Pimperne Shillingstone (first made plan in North Dorset) Sturminster Newton (”the best Plan of its kind that we have seen in the south west” - Historic England consultation response) Wincanton, South Somerset (first made plan in South Somerset)
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